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Bohemian Picnic

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Escape into the whimsical world of our Bohemian Style Picnic Service. Immerse yourself in a dreamy setting adorned with vibrant colors, plush cushions, and ethereal décor. Indulge in a bohemian feast with exotic flavors and artisanal treats. Relax and unwind in the embrace of nature's beauty as you create unforgettable memories with friends and loved ones. Let us transport you to a bohemian paradise where carefree elegance and enchantment collide.

What We


Bohemian Table Decor

Experience the allure of bohemian aesthetics with our beautifully adorned table decor. From flowing textiles to vibrant patterns, we create a captivating atmosphere that exudes boho charm. Embrace the relaxed and artistic vibes as you gather around a table adorned with bohemian-inspired elements.


Colorful Pillows and Blankets

Relax and unwind on an array of colorful pillows and plush blankets. Surround yourself with comfort as you recline in bohemian-style seating. The vibrant hues and patterns of the cushions and blankets invite you to sink into relaxation, creating a cozy and inviting space for you and your companions to enjoy.


Fresh Floral

Envelop yourself in nature's beauty with our fresh floral arrangements. Delicate blooms and wildflowers, carefully selected to capture the bohemian spirit, add a touch of natural elegance to your picnic experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and intoxicating scents that evoke a sense of freedom and connection with the earth.


Large Canopy Tent

Escape the elements and create a sheltered oasis with our spacious canopy tent. Providing shade and a touch of bohemian flair, the tent offers a cozy and intimate setting for your gathering. Whether it's sheltering from the sun or embracing a sense of adventure during light rain, our tent ensures your comfort and enjoyment.


Plating and Gold Utensils

Savor your culinary delights with our thoughtfully chosen plating and gold utensils. Each dish is presented with artful flair, complemented by the shimmer of gold cutlery. Indulge in a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds as you enjoy the bohemian-inspired cuisine in a style befitting this unique experience.


Canvas Teepee

Step into a world of bohemian wonder with our canvas teepee. Embodying the nomadic spirit, the teepee adds a touch of mysticism to your picnic experience. Take a moment to connect with nature, immerse yourself in its tranquility, and create lasting memories within the cozy embrace of this bohemian-inspired structure.

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