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Chef Federico Cescatti 

Our Culinary Maestro

Meet Federico Cescatti, a culinary virtuoso hailing from the charming town of Mori, Italy. With a passion for the art of gastronomy deeply ingrained in his roots, Federico brings a delightful blend of tradition and innovation to our team at The Picnic Table LLC.

Born in the heart of Italy's culinary heritage, Federico's journey in the world of food began at a young age. His upbringing in Mori exposed him to the rich flavors and diverse cuisines that his country is renowned for. With every taste and aroma, his passion for creating exquisite dishes blossomed.

Federico's culinary expertise is not bound by borders. He possesses an innate ability to craft an array of flavors that span across Italy's varied regions. From the sun-kissed coastal dishes of Liguria to the hearty classics of Tuscany, Federico's creations are a symphony of authentic tastes that tell the story of Italy's gastronomic tapestry.

Having honed his skills in renowned kitchens across Italy and beyond, Federico brings a unique flair to our team as our Italian Chef Extraordinaire. His dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and infusing his dishes with creativity ensures that every picnic experience we curate is a culinary journey in itself.

Federico's passion extends beyond his kitchen mastery. With a warm and engaging personality, he thrives in sharing his knowledge and love for Italian cuisine with our clients. Whether it's a sumptuous antipasto platter, a delicate seafood pasta, or a delectable dessert, Federico's creations reflect his commitment to authenticity and exceptional taste.

At The Picnic Table LLC, Federico Cescatti stands as a true embodiment of Italy's culinary heritage, bringing an authentic taste of his homeland to every luxury picnic event. His dedication to crafting memorable dining experiences adds an extra layer of magic to each gathering we curate.

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